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NAP9600E can provide customers higher accuracy and precision.

NAP9600E with Si-pin detector delivers wide elemental coverage with an easy-to-learn software. Non-destructively analyze from sodium (Na) through uranium (U) in powders, liquids and solids. It is designed exactly to security standards with active radiation protection, high voltage protection and X-ray tube overheating protection. Stable software system, Warm-up and anti-interference procedure is controlled by the program, to reduce the interference by the reflected X-ray and the spectrums, to improve the accuracy and stability.

  • Built in high performance computer with touch screen controls.
  • Precise and quick determination of Elemental composition including all types of Gold – yellow gold/melted gold/white gold/polished gold.
  • Si Pin high resolution can detect more elements as well as thickness analysis penetrate deeper and with more precision.
  • Estimated penetration is about 75 microns(3/1000 of an inch) for silver and 20-30 microns for pure gold, with a 40v power rate.
  • The main parts of this equipment are of unmatchable quality including the Detector/Amplifier/Power supply and X Ray Tube are sourced from the best in USA, Germany and Japan.
  • This XRF delivers complete control of the measuring process.
  • As required it is calibrated with with certified standards.
  • Automatic peak identification with pure silver sample provided.
  • One year warranty, life long free upgrades of software
  • Free training & remote servicing.
  • large scanning area for most comprehensive test results.
  • No sample focusing required.
Model NAP 9600E
Working Principle Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
Detector Si-Pin145Kev± 5
Detection limit 100ppm Best substance effect
Precision ±0.01% in homogeneously melted sample
Expanded Uncertainty ≤0.19%
Operating Environment Temperature -11~25°C,Humidity ≤70%
High Voltage 0~50KV/0~1MA
Testable Elements Au,Ag,Pt,Cu,Ni,Zn,Pd,Cd,In,Ir,Rh,Ru,Co,Mn,Fe,Sn etc.
Main Structure High-strength metal frame and industry plastic shell
N/G Weight(KG) 33 / 41
Size (mm) 650*450*350
Measurement time 30 seconds to 100 seconds
Scanning area 2-5 mm expandable spot ± 40 micron
Power consumption 70 watts
Software I. R. D. - C F - 9600

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